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Beaver Short Course & Session at River Restoration Northwest

posted Jan 19, 2013, 8:10 AM by Joe Wheaton   [ updated Jan 19, 2013, 8:10 AM ]
Joe & colleagues Nick Bouwes, Chris Jordan and Michael Pollock will be leading a 'Partnering with Beaver in Restoration' short course for the 13th Annual River Restoration Northwest Symposium in Washington this February.  On Tuesday, a symposium session chaired by Will Conley titled 'Strategic Restoration of Incised Streams with Beavers' will be made up of the following presentations from our team:
  • Modeling the Capacity of Riverscapes to Support Dam-Building Beaver: Implication for Restoration and Conservation Strategies - William Macfarlane and Joseph Wheaton
  • Adaptively Managing Watershed-scale Stream Habitat Restoration Experiments: A Case Study of Beaver Assisted Floodplain Reconnection in Bridge Creek (John Day River, OR) - Chris Jordan, J. Wheaton, N. Bouwes, C. Volk, N. Weber and M. Pollock
  • Restoring Stream and Riparian Processes Using Beaver Dams and Beaver Dam Analogues - Michael Pollock, N. Bouwes, C. Volk, N. Weber, J. Wheaton and C. Jordan
  • Can Beaver Dams Aggrade Incised Streams to the Point of Floodplain Reconnection and Recovery - Joseph Wheaton, F. Consolati, N. Bouwes, M. Pollock, C. Volk and C. Jordan
  • The Ecological Impacts of Stream Restoration: Providing Structures to Assist Beavers to Aggrade an Incised Channel to Benefit Endangered Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) - Nick Bouwes, N. Weber, C. Jordan, J. Wheaton, C. Volk and M. Pollock