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ET-AL Welcomes Three New Graduate Students for Fall 2010

posted Aug 28, 2010, 7:10 AM by Joseph Wheaton   [ updated Sep 23, 2010, 7:16 AM ]
We are proud
to welcome two new Masters students (Bangen and Lokteff) and one new PhD student (Kasprak) to the Ecogemorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab this Fall!

  • Sara Bangen -
    MS. Sara joins us from Watershed Solutions out of Boise where she has been working on salmonid habitat surveys. Sara has been living in Arcata, CA in recent years and holds a BS in Environmental Studies from University of Oregon. Sara's research will be on a habitat protocol inter-comparison for ISEMP with a case study in the Lemhi Watershed of the Salmon Basin in Idaho. She just finished leading a major two month field campaign in the Lemhi and has successfully completed most of her field work before even officially starting.

  • Ryan Lokteff - MS.
    Ryan joins us from the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station where he works as a GIS Technician. Ryan's background is actually in music and he used to teach K-12 Music in Redding, CA. He holds a BA degree from the University of Idaho, but has spent the last few years retooling in GIS and CAD skills and the past year at Utah State getting Calculus, Physics and Programming coursework under his belt. Ryan has started his research looking at habitat relationships for Bonneville Cuththroat Trout and the influence of beaver ecogeomorphic dynamics in Spawn Creek and Temple Fork. His field work involves exploiting highresolution scan data from ground-based LiDaR and extremely high temporal resolution spawning surveys and fish movement and migration data over the past five years.
See current graduate students page for more information.