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Our Research at Fall AGU 2010

posted Dec 8, 2010, 6:09 PM by Joseph Wheaton
If you're attending the Fall AGU, we'll be presenting the following talks and posters:
  • EP44B-06. Use of Airborne and Ground-based LiDaR in Geomorphic Change Detection (Invited).  J. M. Wheaton View Pres. Thu, Dec 16 5:15 PM (Talk)
  • EP43D-0769. The Geomorphic Effectiveness of a Woody Shrub.  R. Manners; J. C. Schmidt; J. M. Wheaton View Pres. Thu, Dec 16 1:40 PM Poster Session
  • EP51B-0558. Evidence for the evacuation of fine sediment and fine gravel of the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam..  N. E. Kilham; J. C. Schmidt; J. M. Wheaton; P. E. Grams View Pres. Fri, Dec 17 8:00 AM Poster Session
  • EP53A-0605. Closure of sediment budgets: tractable task or elusive goal? .  S. O. Erwin; J. M. Wheaton; J. C. Schmidt View Pres. Fri, Dec 17 1:40 PM Poster Session
  • H43G-1338. Quantifying Stream Habitat: Relative Effort Versus Quality of Competing Remote Sensing & Ground-Based Survey Techniques.  S. G. Bangen; J. M. Wheaton; N. Bouwes View Pres. Thu, Dec 16  1:40 PM (Poster Session)
  • H41I-05. A lidar-derived evaluation of watershed-scale large woody debris sources and recruitment mechanisms: coastal Maine, USA.  A. Kasprak; F. J. Magilligan; K. Nislow; N. P. Snyder View Pres. Thu, Dec 16 9:15 AM (Talk)

Hope to see you there...