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Irrelevant Tangents -Stuff that has nothing to do with research

Good Distractions...

Bike Touring

For two and half months in the summer of 2000, my wife and I followed the red line from east to west... by bicycle. You too can quit your job and join a small group of deranged individuals who can honestly say, “I once pedaled across a continent”. Click here if you want the maps.


Me running Howard's Plunge on the North Fork Payette (for full gallery see here, requires log-in)


Although I've been rafting and kayaking for a while, I'd never actually rowed an oar-frame until this year. I finally learned how on\ a fantastic trip run by Justin Daily and Dana Olson at Idaho State University's Outdoor Adventure Center down the Main-stem Salmon River in Idaho. 

Joe & Adrea Running Chitham backwards.

Me illustrating my amateur rowing skills down Chitham rapid... kayaking makes more sense :). Matt & Kerry on a flatwater section of the Salmon... (see whole gallery here)


My wife and I are the proud parents of a “pure-bred multi-generation mutt”, or “Booker”. Booker seems to think he's a pretty good mountain biker. I suppose he is, in the absence of deer anyway. Poor old Booker's life has changed with the arrival of our two boys to terrorize him :). However, Booker is still one of the most well-traveled mutts I know. He was born in the States, spent nearly 3 years running all over the Downs in southern England, and then spent 2 years concentrating on mountain biking and worrying sheep in Wales. We've taken him to the continent, so he's also been to France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Unfortunately, with open borders in the EU, Booker does not have the stamps in his passport to confirm this to his other doggy friends. He's now returned to the States and enjoys playing in the Rockies.
 Booker in the South Downs above South Harting, England    
 Is that a sheep? I wonder if he wants to play?


In addition to the mutt, we've got two fantastically rambunctious boys.... Payback for my youth - karma is terrible. 
Cadel showing Luke how to float... then,