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I have had the privilege of working with some outstanding colleagues, collaborators and students over the years. Here I only attempt to list some of those I've collaborated most closely or directly with on specific projects (i.e. forgive me for omissions...).

Alternatively, see specific project pages and study sites for list of collaborators by project, graduate student pages for list of current students, and et al. Lab for lab members.
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SalutationFirst NameLast NameTitleRelationshipWeb PagePrimary ProjectAffiliation
SalutationFirst NameLast NameTitleRelationshipWeb PagePrimary ProjectAffiliation
Ms. Sara Bangen Masters Student Current Student  Improving Monitoring Protocols for Watersheds in the Columbia Basin Utah State University 
Mr. Alan Kasprak PhD Student Current Student Personal Website MORPHED Utah State University 
Mr. Ryan Lokteff Masters Student Current Student  Comparison of Traditional Versus Ground-based LiDaR In-stream Habitat Assessments Utah State University 
Miss Sonya Welsh Masters Student Current Student  Bridge Creek Utah State University 
Mr. Kenny DeMeurichy Researcher - Surveyor & Terrestrial Laser Scanning Analyst Current Technician  et al. Lab Utah State University 
Dr. Joseph Merz Senior Scientist/ Restoration Ecologist Former Collaborator  SHIRA Cramer Fish Sciences & UC Santa Cruz 
Dr. Jeff Mount Professor  Former Collaborator (MS Commitee) Staff Profile Cosumnes River UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences 
Dr. Doug Booker Research Scientist Former Collaborator (PhD Commitee)  Uncertainties in River Restoration National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA, New Zealand) 
Dr. Chunling Tang Research Scientist Former Postdoc  Salmon Basin University of Washington, Land Surface Hydrology Research Group 
Dr. Damia Vericat Postdoctoral Fellow Former Postdoc Personal Site Morphological Sediment Budgeting Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia 
Mr. Mathew Oates WebGIS Engineer (Now PhD Student) Former Technician Personal Site CCCR University of Bristol 
Ms. Susannah Erwin PhD Candidate I serve on PhD Commitee Student Profile Page Closing Sediment Budgets Utah State University 
Ms. Rebecca Manners PhD Candidate I serve on PhD Commitee Student Profile Multi-Scalar Geomorphic and Vegetative Feedbacks in the Colorado River Basin Utah State University 
Dr. Nick Bouwes Adjunct Professor Ongoing Collaborator  Improving Monitoring Protocols for Watersheds in the Columbia Basin Eco Logical Research, Utah State University 
Dr. James Brasington Reader in Fluvial Geomorphology & Hydrology Ongoing Collaborator IGES Staff Page Morphological Sediment Budgeting Aberystwyth University 
Dr. Ben  Crosby Assistant Professor Ongoing Collaborator Personal Site Salmon Basin Idaho State University 
Ms. Chris Gerrard Research Associate Ongoing Collaborator RSGIS Center Staff Profile Extending DoD Software RSGIS 
Dr. Nancy Glenn Research Professor Ongoing Collaborator Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory Salmon Falls Land Slide - LiDaR Change Detection Idaho State University 
Dr. Jim McKean Research Geomorphologist Ongoing Collaborator Staff Profile Bear Valley Creek - Green LiDaR USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station: Boise Aquatic Sciences Lab 
Dr. Greg Pasternack Professor Ongoing Collaborator Watershed Hydrology & Geomorphology Lab SHIRA UC Davis 
Dr. Michael Pollock Research Fisheries Biologist Ongoing Collaborator NOAA staff page Bridge Creek NOAA Northwest Science Fisheries Science Center 
Dr. Jack Scmidt Professor Ongoing Collaborator Staff Profile Big River Protocol Development Utah State University 
Dr. Mike Scott Research Ecologist Ongoing Collaborator Staff Profile Big River Protocol Development USGS Fort Collins Science Center 
Dr. Danielle  Tonina Assistant Professor Ongoing Collaborator Contact Details Bear Valley Creek University of Idaho Center for Ecohydarulic Research 
Dr. Steve Darby Professor Ongoing Collaborator (PhD Commitee) Staff Profile Uncertainties in River Restoration University of Southampton 
Dr. David Sear Professor Ongoing Collaborator (PhD Commitee) Staff Profile Uncertainties in River Restoration University of Southampton 
Showing 26 items