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Improving Monitoring Protocols for Watersheds in the Columbia Basin

Brief Summary

Substantial investment has and is being made in improvement of tributary watersheds to the main-stem Columbia as a means of mitigating for and restoring salmonid populations. Monitoring baseline conditions and response to various management interventions and restoration actions is essential for understanding the effectiveness of such investments. Eco Logical Research, Inc. (ELR) is responsible for implementing monitoring programs in multiple watersheds in the Columbia Basin. In this project we are sub-contracted by ELR to explore the incorporation of state-of-the art repeat topographic surveying technologies (e.g. ground-based LiDaR) to detect geomorphic and vegetation changes to instream and riparian habitat. In particular, high resolution monitoring techniques will be deployed to identify ecogeomorphic feedbacks and new analysis techniques will be developed to interpret and integrate information about physical responses with other monitoring data of biological response.

This project seeks to assist in the development and implementation of monitoring protocols and analysis of watersheds within the Columbia River Basin targeted for salmonid restoration potential, in part, through NOAA's Integrated Status and Effectives Monitoring Program (ISEMP).


Integrated Status and Effectives Monitoring Program - NOAA


Map of Columbia Basin and ISEMP Study Sites from ISEMP website.

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