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International River Restoration Survey

The river restoration literature is rich with approaches, ideas, criticisms and strategic considerations. This literature primarily reflects the perspectives of restoration scientists. Occasionally, generalizations are made about problems in river restoration from the perspective of practitioners, policy-makers, stakeholders and managers. However, these generalizations have little objective basis other than individual experience. Further, it appears much of the information disseminated in the river restoration literature never finds its way into practice. Whether this is because the information is inappropriate, unrealistic, ineffective, inaccessible or some combination thereof is unclear.

In order to document the current perspectives of the wider river restoration community and gain some insight into the above problems, a web-based survey was launched internationally via popular restoration web sites and related list-serves. This is research I undertook as part of my literature review for my PhD research into Uncertainties in River Restoration.
If you are interested in taking the survey or viewing the results, visit the survey homepage. Due to a change of IT staff at Southampton University, the IRRS is not currently available.


I would like to re-launch this survey at some point in the next five years, but this time link in better with other efforts (e.g. NRRS), build-in improved dynamic questioning (allowing groups and users to submit their own questions for consideration), build a more elaborate results query engines for users, and better promote it. If anyone is interested, contact me.


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