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2009 BDSS Structures

This pages act as a portal for downloading PDF maps that show the location of beaver dam support structures (BDSS) installed in Fall of 2009 within each of the four treatment reaches (1. Lower Owens, 2. Meyers Camp, 3. Pats Cabin, and 4. Sunflower). Static maps are available at three scales:
  • An Overview - Shows entire treatment reach (e.g. Figure 1A)
  • A Midview -Shows a subreach with multiple BDSS (e.g. Figure 1B; also shows 1 m contours from 2005 Airborne LiDaR survey by Watershed Sciences)
  • BDS View - Focuses just on a single BDSS (e.g. FIgure 1C)
In addition, the majority of the maps fall within coverage of two basemap imagery datasets. The first was a blimp survey flown primarily in November of 2009 (BDSMapsBlimp) and the second was a drone survey flown in April of 2010.

Three Scales of Maps

Figure 1 - Contrasting Map Scales. A) Overview, B) Midview and C) BDSS View.

Download KMZ Files of BDSS Stuctures

Entire Bridge Creek
Specific Study Reaches:

BDSS Maps By Browsing

You can access the PDF maps by browsing here. They are organized as follows:
Lower Owens Meyers Camp Pats Cabin Sunflower

BDSS Maps by Map Navigation

This interactive map shows the distribution of beaver dam support structures (BDSS) that were installed in 2010 as part of the restoration efforts on Bridge Creek. You need to zoom into a reach of interest to see the structures.

Bridge Creek BDSS Structures

Map is based on BDSS Only.kmz (download here).

BDSS Google Earth Tours

There are brief tours embedded in the above KMZ files. The tours simply take you to every structure in the study reaches. You can  also view them at the following pages:
Note the Google Earth tour feature is a little buggy and does not always display the same in different browsers. The web-based plugins for the tour are somewhat prone to crashing too.

How to Cite a Map From this Collection:

2010, Ecogeomorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab. 'Map Title'. Accessed on: Date , Avialble from: URL.

For example, for the Bridge Creek - Pat's Cabin Reach Overview Drone map
2010, Ecogeomorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab. 'Bridge Creek-  Pat's Cabin Reach Overview: Beaver Dam Starter Structures Installed in 2009'. Accessed on: February 2, 2011 , Avialble from: URL http://www.gis.usu.edu/~jwheaton/et_al/BridgeCreek/2010AnnualReport/PatsCabin/BDSMapsDrone/Overview/2009_BDS_Survey_PatsCabin_%20Drone.pdf.

Raw GIS data will eventually be made available online.