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Teaching - Courses & Workshops

Greg Pasternack (right) and myself (left) leading a Gilbert Club Field Trip on the Mokelumne River.

This page contains a list of current and past courses I have taught. The current courses also have links to course pages as appropriate.

When ever I go to the effort of putting together a course or workshop, I try to post everything on the web so participants/students can refer back to it and so other instructors can borrow content for their own courses. 

Courses I Teach at Utah State University

* Espresso Courses / Workshops

ICRRR River Restoration Short Courses & Workshops

Other Invited & Bespoke Workshops

  1. Summit  Fluvial Habitats Center (Feb 2014) - ‘Multibeam Echo Sounding in Rivers Summit’, Logan, UT
  2. Invited Workshop: Utah Natural Resource Conservation Service (Aug 2013) – ‘Working with Beaver in Restoration’ Short course, Logan, UTInvited Workshop: 
  3. Wilburforce & Grand Canyon Trust (April 2013) – ‘Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool’, Logan, UT.
  4. Invited Workshop: Kansas Water Office (March 2013) – ‘Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop’, Lawrence, KS.
  5. Invited Short Course: River Restoration Northwest Annual Symposium (Feb 2013) – Working with Beaver in Restoration’ Short course, Skamania, WA.
  6. Invited Workshop: Utah Watersheds Coordinating Council (Oct 2012) – ‘Partnering with Beaver in Restoration’, Logan, UT.
  7. Invited Workshop: US Army Corps of Engineers (May 2012) – ‘Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop’, Kansas City, MO.
  8. Invited Workshop: US Bureau of Reclamation Sedimentation & River Hydraulics Group: (April 2012). Near Census Assessment of Fluvial Form, Process, Change and Associated Ecosystem Services., 2012 Annual Lecture Series - US Bureau of Reclamation Sedimentation & River Hydraulics Group: Denver, CO.
  9. Invited Workshop: US Geologic Survey Grand Canyon Monitoring Research Center (May 2011) – ‘Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop’, Flagstaff, AZ.
  10. Invited Workshop: Idaho Power (Nov 2010) – ‘Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop’, Boise, ID.
  11. Invited Workshop: NSF LiDaR Workshop on ‘New Tools in Process-Based Analysis of LiDaR Topographic Data’  (July 2010)– ‘Geomorphic Change Detection Workshop’ , Boulder, CO.

Previous Courses I've Taught:

Idaho State University

  • GEOL100- The Dynamic Earth:
    An introduction to Earth Sciences
  • GEOL210- Earth in Space and Time:
    An introduction to spatial analysis and production of topographic and geologic maps on paper and in GIS
  • GEOL599- Tools in Geomorphology:
    An advanced graduate level course on the development and application of monitoring and modeling tools.

Aberystwyth University

The Lecture Theatre for a student field course. Location: Pass De Chevres, Swiss Alps.

At Aberystwyth University (Wales, UK), I was a Lecturer (equivalent to a tenure-track Assistant Professor in US).

I was module coordinator for two Undergraduate Modules:
  • EA20110 - Environmental Management - Second Year
  • GG30220 - Modelling In Fluvial Geomorphology - Final Year

I also taught on the following modules:
  • GG22110 - Level 2 Geography Tutorial - Second Year
  • GG38110 - Level 3 Geography Tutorial - Final Year
  • GG39130 - Geography Dissertation - Final Year
  • GG21920 - Geography Science Fieldwork (New Zealand Field Trip) - Second Year. See the Course Blog Here.
  • EAM1920 - Geomorphologial Approaches To River Basin Management- MSc

University of Southampton

At the University of Southampton, I was a demonstrator or teaching assistant on the following courses:

Students deploying load-cell bedload trap and tracers, surveying topography and measuring flows prior to a planned flow release. Location: Arolla River, Swiss Alps.
  • Advanced Field Methods in Physical Geography - Arolla, Switzerland
  • Drainage Basin Geomorphology - Final Year
  • Geomorphological Processes - Second Year
  • Physical Geography in Environmental Management - Final Year

University of California at Davis

I have also helped deliver a professional development short-course for the UC Davis Extension on Instream Habitat Improvement for Regulated Rivers.


On a lighter note, I was the Instructor for Utah State University's Cycling Course and was the Organizer of a Summer Youth Mountain Bike Clinic for two years.