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Graduate Students Past & Present

See the ET-AL People - Graduate Student Pages for a complete list of my current and past primary advisees.

Below is a list of the graduate students I have had the privilege of working with:

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First NameLast NameDegree SoughtMy RoleProgram of StudyDepartmentProjectYear StartedPrimary SupervisorYear Completed
First NameLast NameDegree SoughtMy RoleProgram of StudyDepartmentProjectYear StartedPrimary SupervisorYear Completed
Sara Bangen MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Lemhi River - ISEMP Protocol Intercomparison 2010 Joe Wheaton 2012 
Sonya Welsh MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Bridge Creek 2009 Joe Wheaton 2012 
Ryan Lokteff MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Spawn Creek - TLS 2010 Joe Wheaton 2013 
Florence Consolati MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Thermal Refugia and Effects of Beaver Dams 2011 Joe Wheaton Defended 
Martha Jensen MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2014 Joe Wheaton Not Yet 
Konrad Hafen MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2015 Joe Wheaton Not Yet 
Daniel Hamill MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2015 Joe Wheaton Not Yet 
Rebecca Rossi MS Primary Supervisor Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2014 Joe Wheaton Not Yet 
Alan Kasprak PhD Primary Supervisor Aquatic Ecology Watershed Sciences MORPHED 2010 Joe Wheaton 2015 
Nate Hough-Snee PhD Primary Supervisor Ecology Watershed Sciences  2011 Joe Wheaton Defended 
Kerry Riley PhD Primary Supervisor Geology Geology  2012 Tammy Rittenour Not Yet 
David Sutherland PhD Co-Supervisor Physical Geography University of Southampton, School of Geography  2013 David Sear Not Yet 
Marshall Baillie MS Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences   Jack Schmidt 2011 
Rachel Van Horne MS Commitee Member Fisheries Biology Watershed Sciences  2009 Brett Roper 2011 
Ericka Hegeman MS Commitee Member Ecology Watershed Sciences  2010 Scott Miller 2012 
Shannon Clemmens MS Commitee Member Civil Engineering Civil Engineering aggieair 2008 Mac McKee 2012 
Justin Stout MS Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2010 Patrick Belmont 2012 
Steve Fortney MS Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Geomorphic history of the San Rafael River, Utah 2009 Jack Scmidt 2013 
Michael Souffront MS Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2011 Patrick Belmont Not Yet 
Jarod Raithel MS Commitee Member Ecology Wildland Resources  2013 Lise Aubry Not Yet 
Susan  MS Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2016 Trisha Atwood Not Yet 
Lucian  MS Commitee Member Wildlife Biology Wildland Resources  2016 Terry Messmer Not Yet 
Erica Hansen MS Commitee Member Wildland Resources Wildland Resources  2013 Nicky Frey Not Yet 
Ryan Belmore PhD Commitee Member Stream Ecology Idaho State University Stream Ecology Center Floodplain Restoration Ecology 2007 Colden Baxter 2011 
Susannah Erwin PhD Commitee Member Watershed Sciences & Civil Engineering Watershed Sciences Development of a bed load budget for the Snake river in Grand Teton National Park. 2007 Jack Scmidt 2012 
Tracy Bowerman PhD Commitee Member Aquatic Ecology Watershed Sciences A multi-scale assessment of factors limiting bull trout survival 2007 Phadera Budy 2012 
Rebecca Manners PhD Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences Yampa & Green Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument 2008 Jack Scmidt 2013 
Noah Schmadel PhD Commitee Member Civil Engineering Civil Engineering  2010 Beth Neilson 2015 
David Iles PhD Commitee Member Ecology Wildland Resources  2013 David Koons 2016 
Rebekah Downard PhD Commitee Member Ecology Watershed Sciences  2012 http://cnr.usu.edu/wats/htm/faculty-staff/memberID=1840 Not Yet 
Kerry Rieley PhD Commitee Member Geology Geology  2012 Tammy Rittenhour Not Yet 
Sara Kelly PhD Commitee Member Watershed Sciences Watershed Sciences  2012 Patrick Belmont Not Yet 
Michael Kohl PhD Commitee Member Ecology Wildland Resources  2012 Dan MacNulty Not Yet 
Showing 33 items