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Models and Software

Main Distribution Points

Agent-Based Models / Individual Based Fish Models

 Digital Elevation Models

  • Landserf - LandSerf is a freely available Geographical Information System (GIS) for the visualization and analysis of surfaces developed by Jo Wood.
  • Terrain Analysis System
  • Wilbur - Freebie... lets you play with raster elevations.
  • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
  • Terragen - Photorealistic Scenery Rendering Software
  • TAS - A free program developed by John Lindsay at Manchester. 'TAS is designed to meet the research needs of environmental modellers and managers while being simple enough to use in the classroom. TAS can display both raster and vector types of geographic data, and possesses many of the standard spatial analysis function that the environmental modeller requires.'
  • 3DEM Software for Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation
  • spatial-analyst.net
  • Raster Edit - A handy utility written by Marco Van De Wiel for editing individual cells within a raster DEM saved in the ASCII format from Arc GIS/View . Also allows smoothing and interpolation between points.
  • Surfer - Surfer is a commonly used program for building and visualizing elevation data. It is easy to use, but does not provide a lot of options for manipulating data or performing analyses (plus it is not free).
  • MapInfo - MapInfo is probably the largest viable commercial rival to ArcGIS and is very popular amongst its users. Within IGES, we have a limited number of licenses for various versions of MapInfo. We will not use MapInfo in this course.
  • Matlab - An exercise using Matlab to produce digital elevation models.
  • MicroDEM

Ecohydraulic, Hydroecology, Habitat Suitability Models and Patch Dynamics Models

E-Science and Grid Computing

  • Harmoni-CA: Harmonised Modelling Tools for Integrated Basin Management
  • GEON - Geosciences Network - Development of cyberinfrastructre in support of integrative geoscience research
  • OpenMI - Open Modelling Interface

Hydrodynamic Models

Hydrologic Models

Watershed and Stream Network Delineation

GIS Tools

Web Viewers

Geomorphic Landscape Evolution Models

Morphodynamic or Channel Evolution Models

Photogrammetry from Oblique Imagery

Point Cloud Software

Structure From Motion - Point Clouds derived from Oblique Imagery

  • Agisoft PhotoScan - 3D reconstruction software automatically builds textured 3D models using digital photos of the scene. Allows for precise textured mesh models reconstruction (not free but combines all of below in one package).
  • SFM Toolkit - Structure from Motion Toolkit is a complete photogrammetry solution based on open-source software.
  • Photoshynth-based Workflow:
    1. Microsoft PhotoSynth - See also PhotoSynth Composite Editor, and EcoSynth
    2. SynthExport allows you to extract the point cloud as well as camera parameter data of a synth on Photosynth. Point clouds are downloaded automatically and converted to formats that are compatible with most 3D graphics applications. Camera information such as position, focal length and lens distortion of each image is stored as a CSV file.
    3. JAG3D -For georeferencing exported pointclouds (see James Dietrich's instructions here for working with Photosynth exported point clouds)
    4. MeshLab - For processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes from point clouds (free and open source)

Geomorphic Slope Stability Models

Grain Size Analysis Tools

Hydraulic Geometry and/or Cross-Sectional Analysis Tools

Sediment Transport

  • Bedload Assessment for Gravel Bed StreamsPitlick, John; Cui, Yantao; Wilcock, Peter  2009.  Manual for computing bed load transport using BAGS (Bedload Assessment for Gravel-bed Streams) Software.   Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-223. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 45 p.
  • Sediment Transport Primer: Estimating Bed Material Transport in Gravel-Bed RiversWilcock, Peter; Pitlick, John; Cui, Yantao  2009.  Sediment transport primer: estimating bed-material transport in gravel-bed rivers.   Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-226. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 78 p.

Uncertainty Estimators

Geeky but Useful Programs

  • Convert: A little stand-alone executable that converts between most imaginable units.
  • CamStudio: An easy to use, open-source, video and voice screen capture software.
  • Bulk File Rename Utility
  • cygwin - A Linux Emulator for Windows
  • UltraEdit - A very powerful text editor (Not Free)
  • TeXnicCenter - A very handy editing environment for LaTex
  • EndNote - A bibliographic database package that interfaces with Word and BibTex (LaTex). Not free, but well worth it.
  • TernPlot for Matlab (A Matlab Script for making ternary diagrams)
  • TernPlot for Excel (An excel program for making ternary diagrams)
  • FolderMatch - A handy file/folder synchronization utility. Not free.
  • EmptyFolderNuker - A free little GUI for deleting empty folders and making up for a bug in FolderMatch