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Everyone seems to have an opinion on the definition of restoration. Despite numerous attempts by at least 20 different authors to clarify the meaning, there is still no consensus. Thus, if you use the term, make sure you explicitly specify which definition you subscribe to.

Objectives and Planning:

Approaches and Guidelines:

Adaptive Management:

Project Databases:

You can either view the databases to find existing projects or add your own project(s).

Restoration Bibliographies:

Research Projects:

  • ManTech Report - An Ecosystem Approach to Salmonid Conservation, by Brian C. Spence,
    Gregg A. Lomnicky, Robert M. Hughes & Richard P. Novitzki - NOAA
  • Selected Projects from CatchMod : The EU Catchment Modelling Cluster (HarmoniCA)
  • HARMONI-RiB Project~ an European Project under the European Commission`s "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD)" Programme specifically for addressing uncertainty in Integrated River Basin Management.
  • HARMONI-QA ~ Harmonising Quality Assurance in model based catchment and river basin management
  • HarmonIT Project~ a research project to develop a European Open Modelling Interface and Environment (OpenMI) that will simplify the linking of hydrology related models.
  • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics' Stream Restoration Group
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