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Web Applications

There are many great web applications out there for doing basic analyses. Here is an incomplete list of a few that you may find useful.

Airborne LiDaR


OpenTopography is an excellent resource for publicly available airborne LiDaR. You can visualize the data through their portal in GoogleMaps. They also feature a LiDAR Point Cloud Data Distribution and Processing web application, that allows you to build DEMs and derived surfaces from raw LiDaR data hosted on their server for an area of interest that you define. They also have a tool portal to download other useful tools.



StreamStats was developed by the USGS to allow you to easily obtain streamflow statistics, drainage-basin characteristics, and other information for user-selected sites on streams. Typically, such information was only attainable at gaging stations, but using some simple regression equations (user beware... read background) flow statistics can be derived for ungaged basins.

The StreamStats tool is available in states listed here.
  • To use the full features of the tool, you need to access the StreamStats for your state from this list (e.g. Utah StreamStats).
  • There is a batch utility tool, whereby you can upload a shapefile of pour points for all the stream locations that you wish to calculate StreamStats for.
  • You can also download summary statistics at actual gaging stations using the National Database StreamStats Mapper.
  • Full help on use of the State StreamStats web application can be found here.

Colorado River Basin Forecast Center

NOAA's Colorado River Basin Forecast Center offers an excellent GoogleMaps web application for locating gaging stations and
then finding out the flow forecasts. The recent observed record is shown as well as the predictions and where these fall within historical exceedance probability for that station.

USGS National Water Information System - Mapper

The USGS NWIS is an excellent resource for real-time and historical data on surface water, groundwater and water quality. There is also an interactvie GoogleMaps Mapper web application, to locate all stations.